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Coloroos is our great drawing application that allows kids to draw freehand or using coloring books. Finally an application that you can trust with your kids. No links, no ads, ever.

Coloroos is an Android drawing application that provides a safe environment for young children to play in. There are no ads, in fact it does not have permission to access the Internet. Certain options in the application allow the parent to limit access to only the Coloroos drawing canvas, ringing an alarm and locking the device should a child try to leave the application.

Coloroos provides many drawing tools in a simple and straightforward interface that any child can use. It’s many random modes give young children a great feeling of creativity. The ability to save and share drawings will delight family members and social media. The lovable mascot, Pocket the coloroo (an animal from the planet Chroma similar to a kangaroo), will quickly become a friend of the children.

The design and creation of Coloroos took almost a year. We have worked hard to make Coloroos enjoyable to use, and easy to extend. Coloroos has an API that allows for the discovery of third party coloring books which strengthen the reusability and enjoyment of the application. Extending its life much further than a static game. You can create coloring books for Coloroos by downloading the SDK and following the instructions. You will find the SDK in the SDK tab.

Coloroos is a beautiful, simple to use drawing application. Your kids will love it.

(If they can get it away from you!)
Coloroos is free to download on Google Play. Coloroos will never have any ads and will always be free.

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- Safe drawing application
- Parental lock
- Many easy to use tools and colors
- Save and Share your drawings
- Animate your drawings
- Coloring books and activity pages
- Get more coloring books on Google Play!
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This section is where you will find most of the coloring book that are currently available on Google Play, enjoy!

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Here are some links to help you get the most out of Coloroos. May it be asking questions, following the development or telling us about bugs so that we can fix them right up quick!

Join the Google+ community to ask questions, get the latest news, etc.

Welcome to the SDK section!

In this section, you will find all the information that you need to start making, packaging and distributing coloring books for the Coloroos application.

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Download (PDF, 366KB)

Download (PDF, 51KB)

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