Maxime Poulin

Maxime PoulinDeveloper, Back-end specialist

The Maxime is a nifty little machine that converts food into programs. It operates at a high level of efficiency and rarely needs an oil change.

Maxime developed a strong interest in technology and computers when he was 7, pushing him to learn programming before he was 12. Skip forward to today and he has learned several programming and markup languages such as PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, C, C++, C#, D, Java and Bash scripting. He is also familiar with various other programming languages like Python, Ruby, Basic, Lua and Assembly.

Maxime has worked on several different types of projects ranging from simple presentation websites for local companies to large web applications, Android applications as well as native Linux server and desktop applications. His love for fast, stable and reliable applications added with a bit of perfectionism ensures his programs gets the job done and are always built up to the latest quality standards.