Rise Software presents: Dual Degrees, V2.0!


We are pleased and proud to announce that we have just released the latest version of Dual Degrees, version 2.0! 

Dual Degrees (formally Bi-Polar) is a widget that displays the weather in both Celsius and Fahrenheit simultaneously and allows you to share the weather in both units. It‘s also really easy to customize the widget, from changing the text color to the background color or adding a picture of your choice for a more personal background!

There’s more, in this new version of Dual Degrees, we added a brand new Diamond upgrade with some cool new features such as changing the font size and repositioning the text before sharing the weather to your friends or on your favorite social media. You will also be able to remove the Dual Degrees watermark.

We listened to our users who reported that they were looking for an app icon and were confused about how to operate Dual Degrees. That’s why we also added an application icon which will display an introduction on how to use the widget, as well some useful tips.

Dual Degrees also has four new widget sizes for the Diamond upgrade, for you to be able to add multiple widget on your device home-screen.

You can get Dual Degrees for free today on the Google Play store and you can acquire the Diamond upgrade as an in-app purchase by simply tapping on the diamond icon on the top right corner of the widget.

We truly hope that everyone will love this version of Dual Degrees.

-The Dual Degrees team

Coming Soon: Dual Degrees V2.0


feature_graphic_1024x500We are excited to announce that we will be releasing Dual Degrees (formerly Bi-polar) version 2.0 on Friday November 25th 2016.

Dual Degrees is a widget that lets you share the weather with your friends in both Fahrenheit and Celsius simultaneously, so that everyone can understand just how hot it is!!

We decided to change the name because we believe that it brought too much confusion as to what the widget does and what it is for. We believe that this new name is more expressive and will avoid all confusion. We also would like to thank everyone who voted during the polls we made.

Version 2.0 sees a revamped user interface, more functionality and a new application icon which will display an introduction on how to use the widget, as well some useful tips. We added this icon because some of our users have reported that they were looking for an application icon or were confused about how to operate Dual Degrees,

There’s also a new Diamond upgrade with new features:

  • Add multiple widgets on your device’s home screen
  • Four new different sizes of the widget for your convenience
  • Ability to change the font size and reposition the text before sharing the weather to your favorite social media site or your friends
  • Remove the Dual Degrees watermark

We will be sending out a complete press kit in the next few days.

We hope you’ll enjoy version 2.0 of Dual Degrees!

– The Dual Degrees Team

Coloroos SDK released today


After many months of hard work Coloroos is on the verge of being released to the public. Version 1.0 RC1 was delivered to the beta group and is looking great. I’m very happy with the feature set and the app looks great! And Although the app can stand alone, it’s much better with coloring books. We already have a few ready to put on the market, but we’re waiting for more. I want at least 5 full coloring books to be available when Coloroos is released. And that’s where you come in!

Starting today you too can make Coloroos coloring books that you can distribute on Google play or any other market where Coloroos will be available. We’ve had many requests to allow people to create coloring books and now your wish has come true. Artists love having their art appreciated and nothing is better than having a child appreciate and play with your drawings.

To get started you can find the SDK documentation here under the SDK tab. I have created and published a free SDK that allow any artist to easily create and distribute coloring books. The SDK documentation contains all the information required. You’ll find all the code that you need, image templates, the licensing agreement and more.

I’m taking all the steps necessary to make Coloroos an awesome place for kids: safe, fun, easy to use. And also a great app for grown-ups with many tools, sharing options, and import options. The next versions will bring:

* more settings to make the environment even more secure for kids
* toddler, child and teen modes
* more tools, more strokes, more colors

Coloroos is going to be awesome! Come join us and bring your artistic talent!


Focus V2.1 released

Focus V2.1 is finally here! We have been looking forward to this release as it brings  some polish to the application. We are also happy to say that all of these features are available in both the free and paid versions.

  • Removed ads in the free version!
  • Added a recommend apps section
  • Added links to the help videos
  • Now translated in 11 languages
  • Added a Help dialog
  • Added a What’s New dialog
  • Added an About dialog

We completely removed the ads from the application. So your viewing experience will no longer be hindered. We added a Recommended Apps section that shows you apps that are hand picked by us. You can access this feature from the settings icon.

We know that some people were having problems understanding how to use the app so we made videos and added links from within the application. The videos are only available in English. We also added a Help dialog, which is also unfortunately only available in English.

However, the application itself is now translated into 11 languages!

  • English
  • Catalan
  • Czech
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Swedish

We have received help from many people on Google+ and they are all mentioned in the About box.

You will now be greeted with a What’s New dialog when you upgrade the application. This handy little feature will let you know what new features you can expect in case you don’t follow this blog. (But you do follow this blog, right?)

Get the free versionget the paid version
- Handles Images only
- Plays sound when user leaves app
- Locks screen if user taps Home button
- All the free features
- Handles Videos
- Notifications to Wear devices
- Change 'return to user' message
Get it on Google Play Get it on Google Play

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