Coming Soon: Coloroos V1.0

We are pleased to announce that Coloroos 1.0 will be released to Google Play this Friday the 16th of December!

Coloroos is beautiful and safe Android drawing application that children will love (and grown-ups too)!

Safety first : the application doesn’t have ANY ads and it does not have access to the internet in any way. There are also parental controls to be sure that your children do not leave the application, you will be able to activate the “lock in drawing” mode and add a personal PIN code. You will also be able to activate the “Notify when user leaves” mode. This setting works by adding an alarm sound of your choice and by activating the vibration. If a child taps on the device’s home button, the alarm will sound.

Coloroos provides many drawing tools in a simple interface that any child can use. Its many random modes give young children a great feeling of creativity. Once they are done drawing, they will be able to save their piece of art and share it with friends and family on social networks!

There are also coloring books that can be found on the Google Play store. These coloring books have a minimum of twenty-five pages and are full of drawings and simple games.

While playing with the application, children will encounter the one and only Pocket the coloroo! Pocket is an animal very similar to a kangaroo and he comes from planet Chroma, he’s also Coloroos’ mascot that everyone will love! To know more about Pocket and his journey, you can download the “Meet Pocket” coloring book for free directly from Google play store.

Coloroos will be free to download on the Google Play store, will never have any ads and will always be free. No links, no ads, ever.

We truly hope that everyone but especially children will have tons of fun with Coloroos and with our friendly mascot Pocket.

For more information concerning Coloroos, please join the Coloroos Beta group on Google+ or visit the Coloroos section of the website

-The Coloroos Team

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