Coloroos 1.0 Released

We at Rise Software are really proud to announce the release of Coloroos 1.0 on Google Play!

Coloroos is a fun drawing application that is both simple and safe for children to use.

Safety first. The application offers the opportunity to add parental control so that you can be reassured when your children use your device. There are two modes for parental control. The first mode consists of entering a PIN code and activating the “Lock in drawing” function. The second mode consists of an alarm sound of your choice and activating the vibration. This way if the child presses your device’s home button, the alarm will trigger. In addition to parental controls, Coloroos has no access to the Internet and contains no advertising.

But also fun! Besides drawings on a blank canvas, you can also draw on coloring books or on your photos while the original photos will remain untouched.

The coloring books have a minimum of twenty-five pages and are full of fun drawings and simple games that every child will love. You can also save your drawings and share them on social networks or with your friends and family.

Since the holidays are approaching, we have a special Christmas coloring book! This book is filled with drawings and easy games in the theme of winter and Christmas. Children will have lots of fun by coloring Santa Claus or Mr. Snowman and playing simple games.

Coloroos is available for free on Google Play and will always be free. It will never have any ads, links or have access to the internet.

The Christmas coloring book is available on Google Play for USD $0.99.

The free Meet Pocket coloring book will soon be available on Google Play.

For more information concerning Coloroos, please visit the Coloroos section of the website.

We sincerely hope that everyone will have lots of fun using Coloroos.

Happy Holidays!

-The Coloroos Team

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